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About Us

Working Films linking nonfiction film to cutting edge activism.

Recognizing the power of stories to inspire and transform, Working Films builds partnerships between nonfiction media-makers, nonprofit organizations, educators and advocates to advance social justice and environmental sustainability, and support community-based change. We train and consult filmmakers in audience engagement and work with NGOs to use documentaries to enhance their programs, extend their reach, and move their missions forward. Our flagship program is Reel Engagement, which uses collections of award-winning media to address major issues of our time:

    Climate Change (Reel Power),
    Education (Reel Education),
    The Economy (Reel Economy),
    A growing Aging population (Reel Aging),
    Reproductive Justice (Reel Reproductive Justice).

Together with issue leaders, national and state level partner organizations, and on the ground organizers, we are using these collections to reach critical audiences and move the dial toward meaningful change and impact.

Working Films
602 South Fifth Avenue
Wilmington, NC 28401
P: 910-342-9000
F: 910-342-9003


Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation
The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation is a social entrepreneurship organization that is bringing new thinking to public service delivery. The Foundation exists to nurture new talent and approaches in documentary filmmaking.

Working Films and BRITDOC are partners in the area of doing good around film; since 2007 we have co-hosted events such as the Films for Good filmmaker workshop and have teamed up to train filmmakers for the very first UK Good Pitch.

­ Chicken & Eg­g Pictures
Chicken & Egg Pictures matches strategically timed funding with respectful, collaborative and forthright mentorship. They provide grants and executive producing to women filmmakers who are working to address the social justice, equity and human rights issues of our time, locally, nationally and globally.

Working Films is providing strategic outreach support for select Chicken & Egg projects, including the development of audience and community engagement campaigns.

Fledgling Fund
The Fledgling Fund is a foundation that seeks to improve the lives of vulnerable individuals, families, and communities by supporting innovative media projects and community-based organizations that target entrenched social problems.

Working Films has a dynamic and evolving collaboration with the Fledgling Fund and their grantees. Fledgling supports multi-tiered audience engagement campaigns developed and run by Working Films for specific projects, as well as Working Films' capacity to work with filmmakers and develop new strategies and models for achieving impact.

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