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Coal Ash Stories Screens in [CITY NAME] to 
Provide Call to Action on Coal Ash Contamination


Date Release is Going Out, City & State – Beginning next week, several [city name] organizations will host Coal Ash Stories. The program features four short documentary films focused on coal ash waste that detail public health concerns, related policy and community responses to this environmental injustice.

The event – which draws public and political attention to the toxic impact of coal ash on communities and public health – includes a discussion led by those who have worked on or are impacted by the coal ash issue in [your city/state name].

The four films featured in Coal Ash Stories are From The Ashes, An Ill Wind, Little Blue, and Uniontown. Collectively, they paint a picture of what life looks like when toxic coal ash contaminates a community. The stories feature people who are unable to drink their own water, take a bath, fish or farm without worrying about long-term health effects.

[A couple sentences explaining the context of coal ash in your community. What is the problem? What’s happening currently? What is being done about it?]

[“Quote from yourself or another co-host backing up claims made in the paragraph above with an emphasis on why this event is important and what you want to accomplish.”] Example 1: “Here in Indianapolis and around the state of Indiana, people face the threat of coal ash lagoons contaminating their drinking water,” says Bowden Quinn, director of the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter. “The utilities that created these lagoons must remove them quickly and safely, and the state needs to see that they do that. This event will allow us to send a clear message that it’s time to take action!

Coal Ash Stories is a project of Working Films, a national nonprofit organization based in Wilmington, NC. Recognizing the power of stories to inspire and transform, Working Films builds partnerships between nonfiction media-makers, nonprofit organizations, educators and advocates to advance social justice and environmental sustainability, and support community-based change.

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