Based on the coast and mountains of North Carolina, Working Films has a long history of work in the regional South and non-metropolitan areas throughout the country. At a time when the nation faces ongoing threats to public health, the environment, civil rights, and democratic participation – and compounded by the fact that civil discourse is being challenged by divisiveness – in-person assembly in rural communities is critical for civic engagement. With this in mind, we are excited to announce Rural Cinema!

Rural Cinema is a training institute and community engagement program aimed at supporting rural leaders across the United States in using films as a resource in their work for environmental justice and protection. In 2020, we will be selecting individuals and organizations in five locations directly impacted by polluting industries or transitioning from being economically fueled by natural resource extraction to adopting other more sustainable approaches.

The program will support participants in holding live community events that engage their communities and advance their goals over the course of one year. These events will create spaces for residents to come together face-to-face, discuss issues affecting their communities, learn and be inspired by the visual content and one another’s experiences, and generate solutions that address their needs and priorities. Each host selected to participate will receive in person training, technical assistance, and monetary support to hold film screenings in their community to support their goals throughout 2020.

Five community leaders and/or organizations will be selected through a competitive application process. More Info can be found here.