Putting Films to Work is a year-long training institute for Georgia-based nonprofits that helps organizations leverage the power of documentary media to advance their organizing, educational, and advocacy goals. The program is designed to help organizations embrace nonfiction film as a critical resource and a natural component of what they do; resource organizations and individual leaders with specific films and the skills to put them to work; and increase the strategic use of documentary films in community settings, creating more opportunities for people in Georgia to engage on issues of critical social and environmental importance.

Eight organizations were selected to be part of this training cohort after a competitive application process. 

The selected organizations are:

The Counter Narrative Project
Georgia Appleseed
Georgia Justice Project
Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network
Housing Justice League
LaGender Inc
Living Room Inc
Quest Communities

A summary report on the 2019 cohort’s activities can be found by clicking the link below.



Two Day Training Institute

Working Films designed and provided an initial two-day training for the cohort around best practices in the use of documentary film as an organizing, educational, civic engagement, and advocacy tool. Held in Atlanta and featuring Working Films’ senior staff and allied experts in the field of impact with documentary film, this training was a space for representatives from each organization to come together in person to begin planning how to use film to advance their work. This training laid the groundwork for extensive ongoing support for individual organizations and seeded ideas for collaborative efforts.

“I would recommend the training to other organizations that have a interest in exploring creative ways to engage their community and spark dialogue.” – PFTW training participant

“As documentary film has always been a passion of mine, it was eye opening to see how it could be integrated into the work I do every day! I was eager to soak up all I could on the strategic ways that film can be utilized to further our mission/goals.” – PFTW training participant

Ongoing Support & Training

Working Films is providing ongoing, individualized training and consultation with participating organizations as they incorporate film into their work over the course of the year-long program. Working Films staff is working with each organization to identify specific goals, select media, and plan its strategic use in multiple public and internal events over the course of 2019-2020. Additionally, Working Films is creating spaces for peer-to-peer learning and reflection – including quarterly calls with all participating organizations, webinars, or other forms of collective engagement.


This project is supported by the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Katybelle LLC and Participant Media.