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Stories Beyond Borders Screens in CITY NAME

Date Release is Going Out, City & State – On [date of screening], several [city name] organizations will host Stories Beyond Borders. The program features five short films that show a more complete picture of the attacks on immigrant families and communities. Beyond building empathy, these films lift up real stories of resilience and strength, while illustrating some of the ways people can give their time, energy, and resources to support organizing led by immigrant communities. This free event will also include a discussion led by those who are working for immigrant justice in [CITY, STATE].

At a moment when the rights of immigrants are being attacked, a fuller story of immigration needs to be told to address the harms perpetuated by immigration enforcement practices and policies that extend beyond the crisis at the border. Whether it’s through raids, people being picked up at courthouses, or being forced to live in churches – families are being separated and attacked across America.

[A couple sentences explaining the context of this issue in your community. How do immigration enforcement practices and policies impact communities in your neighborhood/city? Why is this a local issue too?]

[“Quote from yourself or another co-host backing up claims made in the paragraph above with an emphasis on why this event is important and what you want to accomplish.”]

Stories Beyond Borders is a project of Working Films, a national nonprofit organization based in Wilmington, NC. Recognizing the power of stories to inspire and transform, Working Films builds partnerships between nonfiction media-makers, nonprofit organizations, educators and advocates to advance social justice and environmental sustainability, and support community-based change. Stories Beyond Borders was co-created with NAKASEC, National Domestic Workers Alliance, UndocuBlack Network, and United We Dream.

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