A Series of Short Films Exposing Coal Ash


Coal Ash Stories is a compilation of four short films that illustrate the public health concerns, policy issues, and ways communities are responding to this toxic waste. The series informs residents and draws attention to the toxic impact of coal ash on communities. We used Coal Ash Stories to engage the public and increase the demand for stricter regulation of storage facilities and cleanup of past spills. In 2016, the series toured North Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Illinois, Alabama, Virginia, and Florida.

Check out the links below to organize your own screening of Coal Ash Stories and elevate the issue in your community.

“It was the most people we’ve seen in a room to talk about these issues since 2008, when the largest coal ash spill in U.S. history occurred here.”

- Adam Hughes, Statewide Organizing for Community eMpowerment

"It was empowering for our local partners. The events helped amplify their commitment and involvement. They are much more engaged from the screening. We have real partners around the state now."

- Patricia Schuba, Labadie Environmental Organization

"We were very happy with the outcomes of the tour. We used this opportunity to take the films around our state and were able to educate several hundred people on the toxic impact of coal ash."

- Adam Johnston, Alabama Rivers Alliance

"People were feeling burned out, so it was great for them to see other communities experiencing similar situations and the sense of community that comes with that. It was a way for them to feel re-energized and was a great morale boosting opportunity for us."

- Pam Richart, Eco Justice Collaborative

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