Films are an incredible resource for translating the complex. Two new shorts break down two of the biggest policy battles surrounding the transition to renewable energy: Net Metering and Rate Design.



In Suncatcher, Award winning director of Catching The Sun, Shalini Kantayya interviews Former California EPA Secretary Terry Tamminen. He explains net metering, one of the most important state policies impacting people who want to make the transition to clean power in their homes.

Net Metering & Interconnection: Pillars of the New Energy Economy


This animated piece by Catching The Sun‘s NGO partner, Vote Solar, breaks down two of the most critical policies impacting Americans’ ability to meet their own electricity needs with solar and other renewables.

So who opposes these policies and what can you do?

All across the country, traditional utilities are working to stall consumer solar investment by targeting net metering and rate design to make these options unaffordable. These monopoly interests are standing in the way of American ingenuity and customer choice to protect their old way of doing business. It’s time for them to join their customers in the 21st century by supporting rooftop solar.

We all have a right to generate our own power from sunshine! Add your name to speak up for solar rights:


Every American has the right to generate his or her own power from the sun. We should be able to go solar without being charged unfair fees. And we should receive full, fair credit from our utilities for that valuable solar power. We urge our state leaders to stand strong for innovation, progress and customer choice by defending these solar rights.

SIGN ON and Vote Solar will make sure your voice is heard by decision makers shaping solar policies around the U.S. 

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