Short Films, Storytelling and Mapping Expose Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

YOU ARE HERE was an organizing campaign in 2016-2017 using short films and participatory mapping to expose dirty energy infrastructure. The series features five short documentaries that explain the public health concerns of dirty energy infrastructure, policies and regulations in play, and community-based solutions. YOU ARE HERE launched in New York, where despite a ban on fracking, more than 137 natural gas pipelines, compressor stations, frack waste, and storage facilities were still proposed, under construction or in operation. We teamed up with The Sane Energy Project, FracTracker Alliance, and dozens of community based organizations to tour the films and facilitate personal storytelling about residents’ experiences while living and working near these sites. These stories connect the dots and populate the YOU ARE HERE map.

If you’re facing a dirty infrastructure project like a compressor station or pipeline, we invite you to bring a screening of YOU ARE HERE to your community. See the Do-It-Yourself screening guide and request form below!

"The best part for me was the new people the films attracted who haven't participated in protests, meetings, or forums before. I spoke to people who said they had no idea about the pipelines going on across the state. It was a real wake up. The films were very powerful and well received. I found them moving, informative and re-energizing. They combined the right dose of information and compassion, horror and hope."

Maura Stephens, Co-founder of the Coalition to Protect NY

“The fact that Working Films was so on the ball with doing all the administration and organizing was amazing. I had so many other projects happening at the same time, but this allowed me to just bring my strengths to it, knowing the communities and then getting to take the ball and just run with it once the tour started. I'm grateful for Working Films’ coordination on conference calls, venues, etc. It was a very positive experience!"

Kim Fraczek, Co-director of Sane Energy Project

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