The effects of climate change are unfolding before our eyes as hurricanes, wildfires, floods, subzero temperatures, and tornadoes ravage the nation and the globe. Many communities who survive climate disasters do so with limited to no resources and are often struggling to recover before the next disaster hits. Equitable disaster preparedness and recovery is increasingly urgent as COVID-19 further exposes cracks in the system.

Revisioning Recovery: Uncovering the Roots of Disaster illuminates the current injustices, systems at play, and the solutions needed to prepare and respond to climate disasters. The short films bring overlooked stories into the light and exposes the historical inequities that are exacerbated when disasters hit. 

Across the nation, communities are experiencing the same discrimination that is present in all disaster response. Black and brown individuals, low income communities, undocumented residents, people with disabilities, and older adults are constantly an afterthought. Revisioning Recovery uncovers the root cause of these inequities, dismantles age old narratives, and advocates for new ways forward that provide Just Recovery for all.

Revisioning Recovery is designed to support Just Recovery organizing in critical locations led by those on the frontlines of the issues at hand. Events are being planned across the United States and Puerto Rico to offer models catalyzing community conversations and action toward just, inclusive disaster preparedness and recovery.

The Revisioning Recovery Series was curated with our partners at California Rural Legal Assistance, the Houston Organizing Movement for Equity (HOME) Coalition, the North Carolina Environmental Justice Network, the North Carolina Justice Center, the National Low Income Housing Coalition, and the National Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies. Additional partners include Air Alliance Houston, Block by Block Creative, Community Justice Project, Defend Puerto Rico, Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance, Greater New Orleans Foundation, Hip Hop Caucus, the Ironbound Community Corporation, the North Carolina Humanities Council, Texas Organizing Project, and the World Institute on Disability.