Revisioning Recovery: Films Uncovering the Roots of Disaster is a new collection of short films that illuminate the current injustices, systems at play, and the solutions needed to prepare and respond to climate disasters. The series brings overlooked stories into the light and exposes the historical inequities that are exacerbated when disasters hit. Equitable disaster preparedness and recovery is increasingly urgent as COVID-19 further exposes cracks in the system.

We are seeking screening hosts who work with directly impacted communities and who advocate for equitable disaster response practices and policies to host virtual screening events of Revisioning Recovery. This is an opportunity to screen the films, share your work, and provide meaningful discussion and take actions for audiences.

Working Films will support coordination and funding of these events, including technical support for the virtual screenings to take place and assistance promoting events. We will listen to host organizations’ priorities, goals, and current work to inform the programs.