StoryShift is a program of Working Films that is committed to changing the way stories are told to ensure accountable and authentic representation of the people and places featured. Over the last 20 years, as we have utilized documentary film as a resource for social and environmental justice, we have too often seen filmmakers parachute into communities that they have no connection to, no similar experiences with, and no intention of supporting afterwards. Many times, these documentaries feature stories of underrepresented and under-resourced communities including, but not limited to, people of color, areas of low income, immigrant communities, LGBTQ+ community, and differently abled individuals.

StoryShift aims to dismantle extractive filmmaking, which is too often the standard in the documentary sector. By interviewing filmmakers and other stakeholders about their practices, this series works toward envisioning what truly accountable and authentic processes look like and how they can be embraced.

StoryShift is a program of Working Films in collaboration with artists, creators, and advisors working in the accountable storytelling space.