On September 18, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor on my left temporal lobe, the part of your brain that controls speech and communication. I am going into surgery at the New Hanover Regional Medical Center, Wilmington NC, on Monday. September 24.

Here’s what I would like you to know now: I am feeling positive, while recognizing that this is serious with some scary outcomes. I encourage you to share positive karma with me.The staff has been remarkable: they have rallied around, and I am so relieved and so confident that Working Films will run brilliantly over the next couple of months.

You should also know that I have a very strong local support system, they are my gay and straight friends and family, and like all families they immediately stepped in offering support. They have already put together a support team, so I will be getting lots of tender loving care!

The greatest gift I have ever received has been the privilege to do this important work with such talented filmmakers, telling extraordinary stories of change that have inspired principled actions from their audiences. And best of all, to do this work with such a driven and smart staff; savvy progressive non-profits, NGOs and activists; and a committed and talented board. None of our work would have been possible without the incredible support and collaborations with our funders. I have every expectation of continuing this partnership with all of you, to go forth to the new challenges ahead for us on the important struggles for justice and equality.

For the best way to know more about what’s happening now and how to contact me, please go to http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/robertwest This Caring Bridge site will be updated daily. Please don’t send emails to my work address or call my phone.

I welcome your comments and responses and prayers this week. Feel free to share this news with anyone you think should know.Best love. Be of good cheer.

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  1. Wow – that’s terrible news, but I’m happy to see you’re feeling positive; positivity can get you a long way when you’re battling back from something like this.

    All of our thoughts and prayers over here in the UK are with you and with the wonderful team of staff at Working Films, who must be reeling as much as your family.

    God bless and God speed you back to health again.

  2. Judy Robinson says:

    I am sending you the biggest, honkin’est bucket of hug and love that has ever been delivered. Nothin’ but good vibes, brother. You are a truly wonderful man and I love you along with so many others. Your room in the lovely hills of southern Vermont (an upgrade from our digs in Boston) awaits you at a moment’s notice, should you ever want some country time. Paul and I are here to support you.

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