You know how much we love watching and reading about new films, so please don’t deny us the opportunity to learn about yours.

Send in your application today for the 2009 Content + Intent Documentary Institute, Working Films’ residency at MASS MoCA.

If we have your application in our inbox by January 28, and your project is selected you will spend 5 jam packed days with the Working Films team in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. From March 11-15, 2009 we will guide you through the creation of an outreach plan for your film project.

One more time, here’s the info:

Who: You
What: Your application for the 2009 Content + Intent Documentary Institute
When: January 28th is the final deadline to submit applications via email.
Where: In Anna Lee’s inbox,
Why: So that you are in the running to be one of 8 film projects accepted to the Institute.

If you have any questions please contact Anna Lee. 910-342-900 or

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  1. NC Heikin says:

    After a meeting with Judith Helfand this morning, and her suggestion I apply to the outreach lab, I’dlike to submit an application.


  2. Hi” What I’m looking for is someone to help me with a true story. A story that really needs to be told not just for myself but, to also help others. I want people to see just how cruel the justice system really is. My case involves. the mafia, drugs, murder, prison. just what goes on in prison. and the the after life of prison. this is just a small exsample of what I went through. and still going and living through. The ending is like a alfred hitchcock movie. Are is it.? I still look over my shoulder!!! Would like to hear from you. This story has steven king beat. My Phone number is 870-489-5202 Thanks Sharon Purkiss

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