Working Films and The Fledgling Fund have just announced Reel Change 2012, the third in our annual series of workshops for audience and community engagement coordinators. This time we’re hosting in Washington D.C. in collaboration with the Center for Social Media at American University. The focus of the training is on designing and running successful media engagement campaigns – from honing the purpose and vision of the campaign, to approaching and solidifying relationships with non-profit organizational allies and brands; effective website and social media strategies to fundraising, tracking and evaluation. Our Deputy Director, Molly Murphy will lead the training with The Fledgling Fund’s Director of Programs and Communications, Emily Verellen. We will be joined by Angelica Das, Associate Director of the Center for Social Media and representatives of national organizations who have used media in to advance their efforts and can share an insiders perspective on building and maintaining effective partnerships, a key theme the training.

Apply to Reel Change online before March 9th.

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