The Banished post-broadcast outreach campaign is in full swing! DVDs and event resources are available for community groups, civil rights institutions, and activists. Since its broadcast in February 2008, there has been overwhelming interest in intersecting Banished with on-going activism around reparations, displacement and gentrification. In June a New York-based youth program, Cultural Connections used Banished as part of its leadership development series for high school students from all over the City.

On Sunday June 29, 2008 the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement hosted a screening of Banished at the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). Activists and advocates from MXG, Rise-up Radio, Fenton Communications, CCR, the Drum Major Institute and NAACP Legal Defense Fund, LDF discussed ways of supporting the outreach campaign, coordinating additional screenings and addressing the issues raised in the film.

LDF attorney, Damon Hewitt explained in greater detail the difficulty with “adverse possession” cases. Other attorneys present volunteered to do more research. Most of the discussion focused on strategies for organizing communities and faith-based institutions to support the families portrayed in the film. Participants agreed to contact institutions in their networks. Ultimately, the groups present decided to host a major screening and panel discussion in NYC bringing out people featured in the film as well as the filmmaker.

To host your own screening, contact Monifa Bandele @ Check us out on Facebook at Banished Campaign!

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