Today is Blog Action Day and people all over are writing posts about issues of poverty. We immediately thought about a film that brought home the 2008 Full Frame / Working Films Award, Trouble the Water. The award winning documentary captures the story of a couple, Kim and Scott, who were trapped in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. The film offers a first hand account of people living in the 9th ward with limited resources who are unable to evacuate the city and forced to survive the floods. After three years, New Orleans is still being renovated and many people who lost their homes can not afford to make repairs or build new ones.

Trouble the Water is currently playing in theaters. Check to see if it’s playing in a city near you!

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  1. Alex says:

    Great post, Thank you for sharing, I myself wrote about it here: and got a huge respond from readers and other bloggers. Would you please honor us and share your thoughts by leaving a comment on out post? I am trying to come up with something new tomorrow and I will include and encourage readers to visit your blog back so we can all unite to fight poverty.

  2. cheritycall says:

    hi, Do something for help those hungry people from Africa and India,
    I made this blog about this subject:

  3. Julumaniya says:

    Nice work! I’ll have to do a cross post on this one 😉

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