Working Films has decided to postpone our 20th Anniversary celebration. As an organization, we deeply value and strive to practice accountability in all of the work that we do. In the wake of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we have been reflecting on what accountability looks like now, in regard to bringing large groups of people together at events. We have weighed our choices, being mindful not to fan the flames of fear while responding appropriately and responsibly. The bottom line is that we are committed to creating events that are inclusive and welcoming. And we want to do our best to contribute to public health and safety. We recognize that many members of our community do not have the privilege of taking a risk or are understandably concerned about attending public gatherings at this time. Therefore we have decided to postpone our April 23rd anniversary celebration in New York City. We are grateful to others in our movement and film circles for providing tools and modeling ways to center collective care, which helped us make this difficult decision.

Please continue to stay connected with us for updates about rescheduling the Working Films 20th Anniversary party. We look forward to celebrating with you later!

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