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By Natalie Difford
Thursday 10/22/2009

There’s something stirring here in Chappaqua on day two of REAL GIRLS REEL CHANGE as six filmmakers begin to move beyond the brainstorming sessions we held yesterday in order to create some very concrete, specific asks to pose to potential partners on the final day of our 3 day workshop tomorrow.

When asked how their approach had evolved thus far, the Seneca Falls team exclaimed: “you can outreach all you want but I realized that the people you are talking to will say “so what?”, outreach is about reaching – not grabbing.”

The growing, stretching, learning and confidence-building we have been doing over the last two days will culminate tomorrow at the 92Y Tribeca where non profits and funders will have a chance to meet, learn and get on board with these brilliant projects with extraordinary messages.

Tomorrow we will:
• Introduce and illustrate to non-profits and funders working on girls’ issues the effectiveness of film as a tool for advancing their organizational priorities and mission, emphasizing the wide range of ways in which film can be used and viewed.

• Explore partnerships between filmmakers and non-profits, and between non-profits that are not yet working together, that will result in real change in the lives of girls.

• Learn from non-profits about the incentives and barriers that exist to their use of media to advance their organizational priorities.

Selena is ready to bring it on. Click on the picture above to watch the video or view it on Chicken & Egg’s blog.

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