Deep Down is the first film in the new film series and you can watch it for free by tuning into the national debut on November 23rd on PBS’s Emmy award-wining Independent Lens series.

Here are 4 easy steps to join us:

1) Sign Up to host a screening party and invite your family, neighbors, community group or faith community over to watch the National Broadcast of Deep Down.

2) Tune In on November 23rd and watch Deep Down. Check your local listings for times.

3) Log On after the screening to Deep Down’s website for action steps you and your friends can take to support communities in Appalachia building a sustainable future.

4) Stay Connected to the Reel Power Film series and plan on hosting or attending a screening of Sun Come Up next month.

About Deep Down
Deep Down is a feature-length documentary by directors Sally Rubin and Jen Gilomen that explores the true cost of mountaintop removal coal mining in the Central Appalachian Mountains.  The film follows Beverly May and Terry Ratliff, friends who grew up together on opposite sides of a mountain ridge in eastern Kentucky, as they find themselves in a contentious struggle dividing their community and the world: who controls, consumes, and bene?ts from our planet’s shrinking supply of natural resources? While Beverly organizes her neighbors to stop a looming mountaintop removal coal mining operation, Terry considers leasing his family’s land — a decision that could destroy both of their homes. Through a complex human story that cuts across environment, economics, community, and culture, Deep Down ties us to our own choices, and reveals the devastating impact of our energy consumption on local communities trapped at the nexus of  fossil fuel economies and politics. In the face of extraordinary environmental and human injustices faced by many communities in Appalachia, the film ultimately unfolds as a hopeful story about our nation’s most profound source of power- the power of citizens to create a sustainable, democratic and just future.

Deep Down and Reel Power at Appalachia Rising
In September, Reel Power filmmakers joined with communities like those you’ll meet in Deep Down at Appalachia Rising, a conference and day of action organized by grassroots leaders from the Appalachian coalfields calling for an end to mountaintop removal coal mining. The conference included a weekend of workshops on energy issues and organizing skills. Working Films and Reel Power filmmakers participated in a media training for activists and joined with other filmmakers at the event to promote the role of documentary films in the climate justice movement.

Part of the Reel Power team with Filmmakers Rising

On Monday September 27th, Deep Down’s co-director Jen Gilomen  joined in solidarity with Beverly May, the film’s protagonist, and thousands of Appalachian community members and activists during a peaceful protest and march through the D.C. streets that passed by the offices of the E.P.A. and PNC Bank, a leading financier of mountaintop removal, before arriving at the White House. Beverly and Jen were arrested along with over 100 other patriotic citizens during a planned non-violent sit-in outside of the White House calling on our government to end mountaintop removal mining. All arrested were released that day but the message was loud and clear- mountaintop removal and the destruction of Appalachian watersheds, land and communities must end and solutions to the problem must be found.

Filmmaker Jen Gilomen participates in direct action at Appalachia Rising

Join the makers of Deep Down and community members in Appalachia like Beverly May taking action for a just energy and climate future by bringing the Reel Power Film series to your community.

Visit our website for a complete listing of the films and months they are being released for the Reel Power series.

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