On October 2 – 8th, I will be in Catania, Italy for the third session of the European Social Documentary training, commonly called ESoDoc, an initiative offered by ZeLIG School for Documentary and supported by the European Union’s MEDIA Program.

ESoDoc explores wholly new terrain for EU filmmakers and brings together the demands of different players now involved in documentary film production and distribution, including directors and producers, non-government and non profit-making organizations (NGOs and NPOs), television broadcasters and the growing range of New Media professionals creating both web-documentaries and crossmedia productions.

ESoDoc’s ambition is to prepare professionals for the markets of tomorrow and make them part of this changing world. The program focuses on documentaries that draw attention to human rights, social justice and environmental protection, particularly in the developing world.

I will be opening the session on Sunday with a look at how filmmakers can ensure their films have authentic impact and will also be among a group of experts that will train the 22 participants on how best to present their project during pitching forums and at markets. The session will end with an actual public pitching forum held in cooperation with the University of Catania and with the financial support of the Regional Province of Catania.

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