OSIAre you an excellent photographer, photojournalist, filmmaker, artist, or other creative professional? The Open Society Institute (OSI), is seeking professionals from around the world for the Open Society Fellowship who focus on one of the following four areas: National Security and the Open Society; Citizenship, Membership and Marginalization; Strategies and Tools for Advocacy and Citizen Engagement; and Understanding Authoritarianism. OSI is a private operating and grantmaking foundation that aims to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform.This fellowship enables innovative professionals-including journalists, activists, academics, and practitioners-to work on projects that inspire meaningful debate, shape public policy, and generate intellectual ferment within the Open Society Institute. Fellows’ projects may include books, articles, documentary films and photography, online media, multimedia exhibits, and efforts to seed new campaigns and organizations.

Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis. There are no application deadlines. The fellowship does not fund programs of study or dissertation research. More details are available at soros.org.

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