Almost every film we work with tells a unique story of people fighting for social or environmental justice in their communities. Our job is to make those local stories resonate with folks in other places across the country and around the world. Our goal: help audiences make connections between what they see on the screen and what’s happening in their towns, motivating them to take action.

So when free speech came under attack in Working Films’ hometown of Wilmington, N.C. we knew we had to share this story with our friends and allies.

We have been inspired by two of our neighbors who refuse to be silenced and intimidated, and we hope that they will motivate you to speak up on issues of concern wherever you live. Engaged citizens educating themselves and speaking out on community issues is the root of strong democracy and at the heart of what we do at Working Films.

If you want to support Kayne Darrell and Dr. David Hill’s legal defense fund you can donate at If you want to learn more about the controversy around the building of the cement plant you can read the back story from our local paper, the Star News.

Stand up for the right to free speech! Please repost this video and share this story with your friends, neighbors and other networks.

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  1. Deborah Butler says:

    This is such a nice piece of work. The professionalism is tremendous and I couldn’t be prouder to have all of the folks at working films as neighbors and colleagues. The power of good filmaking is evident here. I want to thank you for helping this community with your talents.

  2. C. Ama Steele says:

    Interesting! Glad to know that activism is not dead; that there are thinking people ready to pledge liberty and justice for all.
    Strongly considering relocating to Wilmington, NC.
    Thank you!

  3. […] “The mission of Working Films is to engage national and international film audiences in fights for social and environmental justice. When the right to free speech about issues of our health, our environment, and our future came under attack in our community we felt like we had to shine a light on it,” the film company wrote on its blog. […]

  4. Anne Russell says:

    So glad you made this and posted it for public view. As a first amendment activist, I salute Kayne and David for their courage and commitment to speaking truth to the power of Titan. My family has lived in Wilmington for 300 years, and I love this place. We got along fine before we ever heard of Titan, and we’ll get along fine when we hear the last of Titan.
    Anne Russell
    author, Wilmington: A Pictorial History
    documentarian, Remarkable Journey: The Cape Fear
    PhD American Studies

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