Gasland Part II screened at the Carolina Theatre in Durham, NC on October 7th to a packed house! Working Films’ Reel Power initiative and Clean Water for NC coordinated this effort with the Gasland team to grow the anti-fracking movement in the state at this critical time. Below is a photo blog of the event, community, groups, conversation and action.


Hope Taylor instructing volunteers

Clean Water for NC prepares volunteers before doors open


Working Films – Reel Power info table
Director Josh Fox and Frack Free NC

Director Josh Fox with members of the Frack Free NC Alliance


Volunteer signing petition

Attendees signing the petition to keep NC Frack-Free!

The crowd enjoying the food trucks


Working Films’ staff before screening


Bring Reel Power films to your community!


Standing ovation for filmmaker Josh Fox as he plays banjo along with the credits


Gasland II draws an energetic audience at the Carolina Theater of Durham! Photo by Lee Ziesche, Gasland II

Gasland Part II draws an energetic audience at the Carolina Theater of Durham!
Crowd says “I’m from NC, not from Gasland.” Photo by Lee Ziesche, Gasland Part II

Q&A with moderator Anna Lee of Working Films, Josh Fox of Gasland Part II, and Hope Taylor of Clean Water for NC

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