Well, sometimes opportunities are so unique and exotic that you can’t turn them down. The Global Social Change Film Festival and Institute invited me, through the kind recommendation of filmmaker Lexi Leban, to present at their upcoming gig. Located in lush Ubad, regarded as the cultural center of Bali, and opening on April 13, the Festival features four days of films, panels, workshops, selected shorts and special events to inspire and build a global community focused on expanding the reach of conscious social change film and media. I will be on a panel called Bringing It All Together: Film, Audience Building & Social Action.

Finalist films include: Climate Refugees, Deep Down, Dog Sweat, Fambul Tok, In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee, Nothing Rhymes with Ngaparjti, There Once Was an Island and A Village Called Versailles. Cash in your frequent flier miles and join us!

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