After successful tours of Shore Stories in NC, SC, GA, and VA we’re making the compilation DVD available for communities in other states who want to celebrate the protection of the Atlantic and strengthen opposition to Seismic testing.

Request a DVD and Host a Free Community Screening of Shore Stories.

The films highlight the grassroots resistance that led to the exclusion of the Atlantic from the latest proposal for drilling leases, and includes stories from past oil and gas exploration – including the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster. Shore Stories also features films about seismic testing for offshore oil and gas deposits – which is still a possibility in the region.

Our screening guide and publicity materials make it easy to host your own event.johan2-300x244

You could show the films to a few friends in your living room or as part of a regular meeting of an organization, club, or student group. All the better if you can do it before June 16th so that you can use the screening to collect public comments thanking the Bureau of Ocean Energy management for protecting the Atlantic and telling them you oppose seismic testing.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and if you’re ready to go ahead and get started, just request the DVD with this simple form.

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