Will you go No Impact for a week? Come on, it’s only a week.

Huffington Post has partnered with the No Impact Project to bring No Impact Week to their readers on October 18th.

This summer, Working Films hosted a strategy summit for No Impact Man in preparation for Colin’s highly anticipated book, award winning blog, and companion documentary about his family’s year long experiment in sustainability. The summit brought together the creative energies of the No Impact Project with leading environmental organizations such as 350.org, 1Sky, Alliance for Climate Protection, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), Center for a New American Dream, Climate Counts, Food and Water Watch, ioby, National Council of Churches (Eco-Justice Program), among others. The goal from the start has been to support the movements to fight climate change, help people make their lives more sustainable, and curb mindless consumption.

“We want to spark a conversation about the way our culture looks at consumption,” says Arianna Huffington. “We hope that after focusing for just over a week on how our daily habits impact the world around them, our readers will see the effect our actions have in a new light. It will be very interactive and social – and empowering.”

Thousands have already signed up to participate, and today they launched a guide for No Impact Week that is available for download to make your week fun and meaningful. There will be plenty of opportunities to share your story on HuffPost Green, and many are already tweeting about it using the hashtag #nipweek and following @noimpactgroup.

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