The good news: fracking was banned in New York State! The reality: more than 137 natural gas pipelines, compressor stations, frack waste, and storage facilities are proposed, under construction or in operation there. The Sane Energy Project had been keeping tabs on it all. The YOU ARE HERE map let’s residents see the gas and oil network across the state, zoom in on each facility, and find out who’s organizing to stop it. They’ve also recently teamed up with the FracTracker Alliance to begin uploading personal stories about residents’ experiences while living and working near these sites.

To get the word out about the map, and raise public awareness of the dirty infrastructure and organizations resisting it, we’re launching the YOU ARE HERE New York film tour. The series features five short documentaries that explain the public health concerns, policies and regulations in play, and community-based solutions. After each screening, audiences can share their own stories which will populate the map.

Our partners include Coalition to Protect NY, Fossil Free Tompkins, FracTracker Alliance, Hudson Green Valley, Mothers Out Front, People for a Healthy Environment, Protect Orange County, The Sane Energy Project, Steuben County League of Women Voters, Sustainable Warwick, TriStates Unite for Safe Energy, and We are Seneca Lake.

The first screenings will be happening in Elmira, The Finger Lakes, and Orange County:

Monday September 19th, 6pm
The Steele Memorial Library
101 E Church St.
Elmira, NY 14901
Hosted by: Mothers Out Front, People for a Healthy Environment, and Steuben County League of Women Voters.
RSVP Here.

Wednesday, September 21st, 7:00pm
The Space at Greenstar
700 W Buffalo St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
Hosted by: Coalition to Protect NY, Fossil Free Tompkins, FracTracker Alliance, and We are Seneca Lake.
RSVP Here.

Thursday, September 29th, 7:00pm
Suny Orange (Orange County Community College), Rowley Center Forum Room #010
115 South St.
Middletown, NY 10940
Hosted by: Hudson Green Valley, TriStates Unite for Safe Energy, Protect Orange County, and Sustainable Warwick.
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Complete it Cuomo is a gut-wrenching and beautiful tribute to one community in “fracking-banned” Upstate New York that is doing everything it can to stop Fracking Infrastructure from ruining its air, water, land, wildlife, people, and history.
By Jill Malouf and Christine MacPherson

Erie Rising, a section from Groundswell Rising follows mothers protecting their families against a health dilemma perpetrated by unregulated industrialization from the fracking boom in Colorado.
By Dave Walczak

Bomb Trains on The Hudson showcases the threat of long trains, made up of one hundred-plus black, cylindrical cars, rolling slowly through cities and towns across North America – often within yards of office buildings, hospitals and schools. Few who see them know what these sinister-looking cars carry: A highly flammable mixture of gas and oil from the shale fields of North Dakota. At thirty thousand gallons per car, each of these trains carries more than three million gallons of highly flammable and toxic fuel.
By Jon Bowermaster

Ft. Worth, Texas a section from Dear President Obama follows Kyev Tatum of the Harmony Missionary Baptist Church as he discusses how the arrival of the natural gas industry has divided members of his community.
By Jon Bowermaster

A Pipeline Runs Through It is a shocking look at the proposed AIM and Pilgrim Pipelines. There are countless unknowns about the safety and future of both projects but one thing is certain: Neither helps provide New Yorkers with gas or oil. Both pipeline projects bring to New York exorbitant risks and deliver absolutely no benefits.
By Jon Bowermaster

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