When Two Worlds Collide is part of the Reel Power collaborative, a film series that tells the many stories of our energy crisis, and most importantly, community opportunities for sustainable growth. This film is in production and is currently raising funds for production through the innovative crowdfunding tool IndieGoGo.

When Two Worlds Collide (trailer) from Yachaywasi Films on Vimeo.

How You Are Connected

Despite a chorus of warnings from climatologists who say that we are swiftly approaching irreversible climate change, tropical deforestation is responsible for about one-fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions – more than all the cars, trucks, planes, boats and trains in the world combined.

The Amazon Rainforest provides us 20% of the oxygen we breathe, yet over 70% of the Peruvian Amazon is in the hands of international investors alone causing colossal deforestation! This massive land seizure, which generates significant dividends for domestic and international corporations, has a direct impact on the livelihoods’ of indigenous peoples’ – the guardians of these lands.

Consider backing this project today!

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