Reel Power brings you stories from the frontline of our energy future that will get your community talking and taking action. From a woman in Kentucky fighting for her homeplace against the ravages of mountaintop removal, to a Gulf Coast community banding together to save their land and culture – Reel Power films capture the voices of individuals and the strength of communities standing up for a just and sustainable future.

Reel Power films will be featured during Power Shift. Bidder 70 and Gasland Part II will screen on Saturday at 11:30 am. On Sunday at 10:15 am we’ll show sneak peeks of Citizen Koch and Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek. Each screening will have the filmmaker or leading organizer to facilitate a discussion on the film and issues afterwards. You can also find us at the organizational fair.

Power Shift Screening Schedule
Saturday at 11:30am
Bidder 70 (room 406)
Gasland Part II (room 407)

Sunday at 10:15am
Citizen Koch (room 406)
Come Hell or High Water (room 407)


Get Involved with Reel Power!
Take a bit of Power Shift back to your campus, community, or place of worship by hosting a screening of one or more of these powerful films to engage and activate your audience! Go to to choose a film, or films, and sign up to host a screening.

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