How can films shift public understanding and inspire action for social justice? Working Films—together with our partners at The Light Factory and The School of Good Citizenship— is leading a free online workshop on September 24th at 1pm ET focused on leveraging the power of documentaries to amplify important messages, reach and rally key audiences, build partnerships, and influence decision makers. As a case study, the workshop will feature Stories Beyond Borders, an organizing initiative featuring five short films that together show a comprehensive picture of the attacks on immigrants in the United States and lift up community-led solutions. Launched in the fall of 2019, Working Films and our partners have used Stories Beyond Borders to disrupt stereotypical portrayals and harmful narratives of undocumented immigrants and to support statewide and local organizing for immigrant justice. 

We invite you to join us for this free workshop designed to teach you how to utilize films as a resource for social justice in your community and beyond. If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area, you can also join us on Saturday, October 3 for a physically distant drive-in screening of Stories Beyond Borders.

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