Working Films is seeking submissions for a new film and organizing initiative that will showcase stories from the frontlines of the battle against oil and gas infrastructure.

From pipelines to compressor stations, groups and individuals across the country are working to stop oil and gas infrastructure. Powerful stories are needed to amplify successes and unite people from various locations to learn from each other’s efforts and increase their collective impact.

We are looking for films that:
Showcase organizing and direct action strategies,
demonstrate health and environmental impacts from fossil fuel infrastructure,
draw connections between sites to show big picture of infrastructure, and/or
feature resistance, solutions, and alternative energy sources.

We will compile the films and tour them in states where organizers are working to stop new infrastructure projects and protect their communities.

Submit your film here by August 19th to be considered for the project.

We will consider short, feature length, and multi-platform film projects. Screening rights fees will be paid. An emphasis will be placed on films that feature personal stories, as well as media made by and about people of color. We will consider works-in- progress if it’s at a strong stage, is reasonably audience-ready, and is short. If you have a work-in-progress, we suggest offering one selection, rather than a full rough cut. Please do not apply if your film is not available for public use.

This project builds on Working Films previous projects including Fracking Stories, Shore Stories and Coal Ash stories, which used collections of short films to resource organizers and activists in target states.

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