The new documentary, The Campaign will air in a wave of broadcasts across public television on Sunday August 25th. Immediately following each broadcast, The Campaign team will host an online Google Hangout to connect with viewers in each city with local organizations in their region, including: The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Our Family Coalition, PFLAG, and ACLU Northern California.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Christie Herring, The Campaign takes a heartbreaking and inspiring look at California’s No-on-8 Campaign to defend same-sex marriage, which unfolded in 2008.  The film was included in our Reel Equality campaign to help fight NC’s bigoted Amendment One, which added a state constitutional ban on gay marriage.

During the fight over Amendment One, the film was still in production and so we only had a trailer to work from.  Now the film is finished, and we’re excited to see the full impact it will make.  With the recent changes on the fronts of both Proposition 8 and DOMA, a cross-country broadcast wave for a film on marriage equality is timely for public television viewers. According to filmmaker Christie Herring, “We are thrilled to wrap our public television broadcasts with Google Hangouts across the country. Although we cannot be in each city at the same time, we can connect with viewers no matter where they are. We are also honored to work with local community partners in each of these states. Civic engagement, equality, and family are at the heart of The Campaign and at the heart of the daily work of these local organizations.”

Make sure to catch The Campaign on Sunday August 25th on public television. Click here for more information on screenings and don’t forget to continue the conversations on Google Hangout.

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